Flexible Service with new high-performance coatings

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Hybrid Coating for Tooling

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Micro Geometry and Nano Coatings (in German)

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Mono- or Multilayer, That Is Here The Question! (in English and German)

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From Start-Up to Hybrid Revolution

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Modular Coating System

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Ratio Drill Family        from Ultrafine Carbides

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End Mills with Unequal Helix

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Micro Drills from HSCO

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EQUIPMENT for Tooling

Can Tools be Intelligent? Measurement Head for Cutting Forces (in German) 

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Fine Boring with Piezo Actors


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ECO-Chuck for Autonom Internal Lubrication of Rotating Tools

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From Rotary Force Measuring Head, over Dry Machining to Nanocomposite Coating Machines (in Hungarian)

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Know Important from Urgent

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Marketing in Print Media

Compendium                Quo Vadis PVD Coatings 

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Coating Guide for Selection of the Right Coating (in print and on the Web)

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Off to New Shore of Blue Oceans

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Marketing in Electronic Media

Pannon Website          , Budaörs, Hungary, 2024

Güroguide - Selection of the cutting tools with technological parameters (Software on CD and on the Web)

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Tools and Technologies for Dry High Speed Machining (Software on CD) 

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ESPANDA Expert System as Tool Data Bank (Software on CD)

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